What kind of accessories do i need?

There are accessories for every style of bike. Here are some of the essentials to make your cycling experience complete.

Photo of Gloves

Your hands are one of your 3 main points of contact on a bicycle, so naturally, they should be comfortable. A good set of gloves not only provides comfort, but also ensures a better grip on your handlebars.

Photo of Helmets

Protect your head no matter where or how you ride. Helmets have come a long way - They're comfortable, adjustable and the best thing is, they can save your life. We've got helmets for everyone from a toddler to a triathlete and everything in between.

Photo of Hydration

No matter the distance of your ride, hydration is a major key to keeping you going. Most bikes can fit up to two water bottles on the frame, and hydration packs can fit up to 100oz. or more.

Photo of Inflation

Your tires lose pressure even if they're just sitting in the garage. Let's face it - rubber isn't air tight. Pumping up your tires before every ride is the best step in avoiding flats. C02 inflation devices are great for quick, emergency roadside repairs.

Photo of Lights

Lights to see are usually brighter than your average flashlight, which comes in handy for commuters or night riders. Lights to be seen come in a variety of price points and brightnesses and oftentimes offer strobe features for added visibility.

Photo of Locks

Protect your bicycle with a good lock! U-Locks are the highest form of protection in the city (and in combination with a cable lock and wheel locks, you've got a great anti-theft system) Most of our U-Locks offer a anti-theft guarantee, stop by the shop to find out more.

Photo of Panniers

Fact: Most of your daily errands can be completed within a 2-mile radius of your home or work - so why not bike there. Panniers make it easy to carry groceries, books, yoga mats or whatever you need to transport from one place to the next.

Photo of Shoes + Pedals

Shoes + Pedals
A cycling shoe and pedal combo bring your cycling experience to a new level. With a constant connection to your bike, you have the ability to create a full pedal rotation efficiently and smoothly, making climbing easier and longer rides less effort.

Photo of Tools

Cycling multi tools should be an essential part of your riding gear. For on-the-go adjustments or quick fixes - they're handy, small and have all the bicycle-standard sizes built into one tool. We also carry more advanced mechanic tools for more in-depth adjustments.