What kind of bike is right for me?

Buying a new bike is really exciting, but there are a ton of options to choose from. We’ll help take the guess work out of the process by picking a style that’s best suited for you. Start here and see what types are available, then stop into one of our two locations for some professional one-on-one sales assistance!

Photo of Road

Whethere you’re looking to race a crit, do a century, or put in some weekend miles with friends - a road bike will take you there and more, fast.

Photo of Mountain/Downhill

29ers are the wave of the mountain bike future - and the future is now. We’ve got Hardtail, Full-Suspension and fully rigid bikes for all terrain.

Photo of Cyclocross

Gravel rides, racing or a varied terrain commute, a cross bike has the speed you’ll need on the road and stability you’ll need on the dirt.

Photo of Triathlon

Aerodynamics and speed are your friend on a tri bike. We’ve got a great selection of mens and womens bikes to help you reach your own personal podium.

Photo of Fitness Hybrid

Fitness Hybrid
Put in some extra miles on the river path, but don’t be scared to take it on a gravel path. A great option for someone who needs “two-bikes-in-one”.

Photo of Comfort Hybrid

Comfort Hybrid
Casual rides on the river trail or a comfortable ride running errands, comfort hybrids are a great option for the occasional cyclist.

Photo of City/Commuting

Commuting to and from work or school and need a bike to carry it all? keep the rain off your back? Light the way at night? These bikes are for you.

Photo of Kids/BMX/Unicycle

12” & 16” - Training wheels 20” & 24” - brakes (and gears) BMX bikes are 20” & Up Unicycles, well, they’re just one wheel!

Photo of Cruiser/Townie

Riding on the boardwalk or crusing around the neighborhood, these bikes are perfect for a super relaxing comfortable ride.