Keswick Cycle ServicesWhether you’re riding a vintage hand-me-down that needs a complete overhaul or a brand-new road bike in need of a pre-race tune, you can expect top-notch quality service from our team of expert mechanics. We offer a variety of well-priced packages as well as custom repairs.

For questions, or to schedule service, please contact us through email, for Glenside: or for University City: or give us a call at Glenside: 215-885-7433 or University City: 215-387-2453

Service Rates

  • Brake Adjust (each)$15
  • Brake Adjust (pair)$25
  • Chain Install$10
  • Derailieur Adjust (each)$15
  • Derailieur Adjust (set)$25
  • Flat Repair (off)$5
  • Flat Repair (on)$10
  • Pedal Install$5
  • Rack Install$25
  • Saddle Install$5
  • Wheel True Level 1$10
  • Wheel True Level 2$20


Standard Tune
  • Precision adjustment of all components
  • Minor wheel truing
  • External lubrication of all components
Total Tune
  • Solvent tank cleaning of drive train components
  • Precision adjustment of all components
  • Lateral and radial wheel truing
  • All components removed, cleaned, inspected, lubricated and reinstalled
  • Fresh grease and bearings installed
  • New cables and housing
  • Road handlebars wrapped
  • New grips (if applicable)
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Keswick Cycle Service Policy*

You’ve just purchased your new bicycle, but what about maintenance? Keswick Cycle keeps you worry-free by offering a 5-year service policy for just $99.99. That’s the same price as just one tune-up!

Perks: Unlimited Standard Tune-Ups for 5 years, Covers the $10 service charge to fix a flat (you just buy the tube) for 5 years.

Caring for your Bicycle : Maintenance Schedule

Keep your bike in top shape by following our suggested maintenance plan.

Every Ride

  • Pump tires (follow the recommended PSI stamped on the sidewall of your tire)
  • Perform pre-ride safety check (air, brakes, quick release)


  • Lube chain
  • Check handlebars, stem, crankarms, seat/seatpost for mounting security
  • Check both wheels for alignment and loose spokes
  • Check both tires for tread wear


  • Inspect chain, cogs, pulleys, cables, housings, and brake pads for wear
  • Lubricate shifting components
  • Check all components and accessories for mounting security


  • Replace bearings and grease
  • Replace chain and/or worn cogs
  • Check frame and fork alignment
  • Provide rust protection for steel frames and forks

Bike Fitting

At Keswick Cycle, we take no shortcuts towards achieving your signature fit. We have multiple fit-certified technicians on staff capable of analyzing the specific way you move on a bike. We are here to help you achieve a custom fit that will maximize your strengths, work around personal injuries, or help you get the most out of the bicycle you already own. When you decide to take your riding experience to the next level, we welcome  you to come in and meet with one of our fit-certified specialists.

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Custom Bike Fitting Options

3-D Custom

  • The ultimate custom riding position. We’ll talk about your riding history, current or past injuries review, and your future riding goals.
  • Seat height + Seat fore/aft positioning
  • Seat Angle
  • Stem length/rise
  • Seat-to-handlebar differential
  • Handlebar asessment
  • Optimal crank arm length


Please allow three hours


2-D Triathlete

  • The most efficient aero position on your current aerobar equipped bicycle–for your fastest bike times yet.
  • Seat height + Seat fore/aft positioning
  • Seat angle
  • Stem length/rise
  • Seat-to-handlebar differential
  • Seat to aerobar differential
  • Handlebar asessment


Please allow two hours


2-D Body

  • Your optimal riding position on your current bicycle. Available for road, mountain and hybrid bicycles. Whether you’re touring, racing or club riding, this package will increase your overall cycling enjoyment.
  • Seat height + Seat fore/aft positioning
  • Seat angle
  • Stem length/rise
  • Seat-to-handlebar or aerobar differential
  • Handlebar asessment


Please allow two hours



  • Your ideal shoe/cleat position. We pay special attention to your power interface with the bike-your feet and shoes. Proper cleat adjustment is essential for foot comfort and injury prevention for your knees.
  • Forefoot angle
  • Cleat shims and wedges
  • Fore/aft cleat position
  • Rotational cleat position
  • Optimal crank arm length & more


Please allow one hour



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